To Connect, Create & Contribute.

Providing high-quality education and training in photography with Courses designed to inspire, motivate and help you achieve your goals. One of our fundamental belief is that you have the potential not only to succeed but also to find fulfilment and greatness as a creative individual. 

Our vision is to be a trusted source in photographic education and training, understanding and responding to your needs with products and services that provide real value and bottom-line results.

We firmly believe the learning process in photography or in learning any other skill must be enjoyable to love the subject and succeed throughout every step of the learning curve.


Conventional educational methods often leave you having to remember the concepts you were taught or trying to figure out how to apply them. The London School of Photography method leaves you using what you learned naturally and without effort. 

Similar to anything you have already mastered, in our online photography classes, you learn by direct personal discovery. From this experience, a new skill is yours forever.

The LSP method is more like coaching than teaching, more like a conversation than a lecture.